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Years rolled, you are no more 19 now, you spend more time with your colleagues or friends , sometimes you don't feel yourself & you came back home exhausted to that one person that makes you feel more of yourself again in less than 15 minutes & that one person is your actual HOME.
I think we can understand the world if we start understanding ourselves, but the issue is most of us don't know themselves fully. The big tree grows from a seed, just like that the whole world resides in YOU.
Start knowing yourself, no one can understand you as you do!
During all these years on the Earth, I realized that if you work hard with positive energy, the outcomes would always be great, it may take time but it's worth it. It can get messy, but don't forget WHY YOU STARTED. Don't lose yourselves in this confusing world & forget who you are, just don't let others colors cover you up and you'll SHINE like a moonstone.
Your Mental health is more important than your skincare/workout routine. Your mind is the place where you spend most of your time, so make it a good place to stay. Don't be so stern with yourself, it's ok to be not perfect from the outside, but it's not ok to be shaken from the inside.
The midnight hours were as usual, I was late to bed...
waiting you to ping, but there was no ring the breeze was as cold as it was before, but my hands were not warm as before because you were not there, I slept with wet eyes
This wasn’t the case of one night but many nights, every night was passed like this and made me strong night by night
Yes you are absolutely fine, but toxic to my life!