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“All the world is a stage”, said William Shakespeare.

Late Mr. G.N.D Elangovan who held many positions in Delhi Tamil Sangam, Member of Tamil Academy constituted by the Delhi Government & Delhi Thevar Sangam said “Bharathat ku bharatam thevai”, which means India needs Bharatanatyam.

This was quoted on the 3rd Feb 2020 when GD Classical Dance Institute, Gurugram, Haryana performed at the Delhi Tamil Sangam to present “Nadana-Malai” (An evening dedicated to dance).

An institute started by the mother-daughter duo (Guru Mrs. A. Thayammal & Mrs. Gayatri Vijay) in 2013 on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti. They travelled a lot, through these years achieving several milestones with the many baby steps they took. The motto of the organization is to “Keep alive the authenticity” and passing it on to the generations to come.

A well-known fact that Bhartanatayam is the oldest classical dance that took birth in the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. It flourished and was performed in temples, later spreading its wings through South India, eventually, to whole walk of the globe.

The institute not just solely aimed at keeping intact the authenticity but also, wanted to inculcate a strong value to their learners, that where you dance is not important, being honest and dedicated to the art form is of supreme value. They just did not perform to entertain the audience but to walk through the path of attaining the salvation by reaching the feet of the almighty, specifically the god of dance, Lord Natraja.

They have been dedicated to performing for Ayyappa Temple in Gurugram & Bhondsi every year. Along with performing for huge organizations like Delhi Tamil Sangam, RSS Group – Delhi, Sanskar Bharti – Gurugram, Gurgaon Malyalee Association & Gurgaon Telegu Association.

One incident, that should be mentioned is when they performed for two temples during a Janmashtami festival 2019, in 4 by 4 space with hundreds of devotees. Followed by another temple hustling with devotees walking around to get a view of Lord Krishna, while they walked through, the devotees watched the artists perform. On the contrary, they also inaugurated and show-stopped the International Ethnic Folklore Festival, 2019 (conducted over the span of 3 days), wherein over 200+ folk dancers, who came all the way from Latvia, South Korea, Nepal & Thailand. Also, the guru of the institute was part of the jury who decided the winners for the folk-dance competition held between different states of India. The students of the institute and their parents travelled 25kms to and fro, for three consecutive days to be a part of the show.

The most recent milestone they achieved was performing for Delhi Deputy CM Mr. Manish Sisodia at his residence for the Pongal, in Jan 2021 which was covered by several newspapers, the deputy CM himself tweeted about it and honored the performers.

Also, the guru Mrs. A. Thayammal & the artistic director Mrs. Gayatri Vijay were awarded with Rashtreeya Visista Puraskaar, from Shikaram Arts Theatre, Hyderabad.

Wherever they performed, irrespective how huge or small the stage was, number of people the audience had, the emotion was one – dedicated and devoted to the art form. Delivering one message every time on every stage – Dance with utmost devotion, for that soul attains salvation.

Guru & Founder Mrs. A. Thayammal Co-Founder & Artistic Director Mrs. Gayatri Vijay