Until that time | Shreshta Tendulkar

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Until that time- Someone once asked what's the most beautiful feeling. Is it love ,

is it peace , is it happiness , is it satisfaction or is it completion.

I smiled and said I will tell you my answer today You have to wait to feel it .

He looked confused but did not question back.

I know most of you haven't understood my answer yet but most of us have experienced it. What one does when he has done his share of deeds.

He waits... He waits for his fruits.

It's the pursuit of happiness It's the journey of fulfillment

It's the waiting for result Which gives us hope Because time is the answer to everything. Waiting is the most beautiful feeling in the world It gives u the hope that tomorrow might be better than today

And it gives you the time To heal yourself And To build yourself

"When your time comes I'll be the first one to meet you Be on time.

Until then I'll be waiting for you"

These were her last words Before she was gifted to god.

Before I promised to live and smile until sun shines broad Before we could unite again forever like we did on the day of their vows.

I look at her smiling everyday In that frame of wood Which was a portrait Of my love so beautiful

Of my sunshine so hopeful Of the star of my night Of the wings of my flight

"You still look the same"

A Confident stride A click as you tip toe A sunshine in that smile A mystery In those brown eyes

A warmth in that voice

A care in that touch A divinity in that approach

It has been 10 years But everything feels the same

How my eyes shy away from yours How my words fumbled when you'd say "really" How my heart raced when I'd see you coming

How I poured out when you'd just say"tell me " How my face blushed at just the mention of you

How I lost myself the moment I hugged you

How I look at your photo and believe that angels exist in you And

How I bless myself daily just to know that I have a part of you But even after all this while I still Miss you I still love you

and I am still living And Waiting for the time The time when I shall be with you

The time which shall have eternity

The time which shall have us together The time we shall be among the stars

And watch the world

From where I am being watched by you And Until that time

I promise I will always live

And be happy As you wanted me too.