TRUCE: Novis Initiis Book Review | Radhika

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TRUCE is a contemporary young adult novel that accurately depicts a teenager’s perspective of friendship and self discovery.

Despite having 5 protagonists, the plot remained intact and the story was easy to follow. Inconsistencies in the novel are almost non existent and plot flows like a river.

It also gives a fresh take on teenage relationships and thinking and also breaks the rebellious teenage image depicted in most novels.

It has everything an ideal novel must have! Interesting characters, a riveting plot, romance, mystery and comedy. It’s quite a refreshing read.

I especially loved the way the author introduced the characters first and gave an overview into their stories. I liked the way she merged their independent dramatic tales into one fine story.

The book started and ended on a positive note and the uplifting notes in the end was the cherry on top.

In the end, it was an entertaining read and a definite recommend!