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The day was going really vey well. I completed my work for the day, and switched on the television for a while. I found this movie on a channel, the movie was "The Art of Racing in the Rain". This movie is one of the best crafted movies I have ever seen. Characters: Enzo : A dog who is the main character, and is also the narrator. Denny : Enzo's owner who is a race car driver. Eve : Denny's wife. Zoe : Denney and Eve's daughter. The movie started with a dog named Enzo after Enzo Ferrari. Denny his master and best friend, when he finds Enzo unable to move, the dog begins to narrate his life to viewer. Enzo tracks it back to the beginning of his life. First two years of Enzo and Deny were going out amazing! Further Denny married Eve and things changed at instance. They were living a very happy life. Denny used to always say that Eve is a rain for him. They had a daughter Zoe. A few years pass away and family life is idyllic for Enzo, while Denny spends prolonged periods away from home to race. Eve begins to fall seriously ill and Enzo can smell a 'rotting wood' odor from eve's head. Eve admits to Enzo that she is no longer afraid of death and passes away while he watches on. It was a bad time for Denny, Zoe and Enzo. Maxwell (Eve's father), who blames Denny's absence for Eve's illness, demands custody of Zoe and threatens to sue if Denny does not comply. Denny was going through a lot of ups and downs. Emotional instability, Depression, Frustration, Loneliness, and Fear of losing Zoe, was killing Denny in a lot of ways. Denny and Enzo used to go on a long run at nights, But at someday Enzo get hits by a car. Denny rushes him to an animal hospital where the Vet explains that Enzo is lucky to be alive and may suffer from hip dysplasia in future and he was also bleeding internally After a weeks of struggle, Denny wins the case and Zoe returns to Denny living a happy life, But at the same time Enzo's health begin to rapidly deteriorate. Realizing that the end is near. Denny arranges a drive for Enzo. Enzo recalls every moment he spent with Denny, Zoe and Eve. Enzo explains that he is looking forward to his new life. Eight years later, Denny was now a successful Formula One driver for Scuderia Ferrari. He is living in Italy with Zoe. Denny is introduced to a young fan of him with golden hair. Denny discovers the boy's name is Enzo. Denny smiles and tells the father of that boy that his name reminds him of an old friend and tells his father to bring Enzo to him whenever he is ready to race. And it ended! I truly believe that we all are given the gift of looking at life, relationships and understanding the importance of relations. This gift is narrated so well through a pet Enzo. There was so much more to this story about life, Death, Rebirth and why we are on earth, to learn soul lessons. The basic thing I learnt was Once you understand the emotions correctly, it teaches you a lesson rather than hurts you.

I am truly in love with this movie. And Hope you guys also loved it!