The chocolates Of valentine’s day | Annie Geanette

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The chocolates after valentine’s day is the best; you know and hence I am here at this convenience store just like every year. But this year it is for different reasons.

I met the cutest guy in my elective class last year. He was such a shy guy; the perfect type of guy for me. He talked only whenever needed. He was of an average height and had nerdy glasses but his attractive features and his amber eyes that attracted me to him. I really wanted him. I tried everything to make him talk to me. I found his name from one of our mutual friends and found his social media accounts, Found all sorts of information. I was being creepy according to my friends but that’s what love is, isn’t it? Everyone finds information about their crushes; right? I came to know that he was in the same course as me; found his interest in programming, gaming, horror books and football. he is also a barista in this cute café. He posts a lot of photos on social media and writes a lot of blogs. We had a lot in common. I started becoming a regular in his café, started writing more articles in the literary club. Posted love songs on social media and tried to attend all my classes; keyword tried, as I hated the professors and the feeling was mutual. Finally, my efforts were worth it when he talked to me for the first time; on 14th Feb. on that day I bought chocolates and gave I’m the next day. He noticed me and after six months of talking and casual flirting, I asked him out and I was expecting rejection however he accepted the invitation. Our first date was a very simple affair; not too crazy. Invited him at this pizza place near my house to try this new pizza with anchovies. Being the sweet guy that he is, he agreed. We had great time. I instantly felt a spark between us. I was exhilarated. We had a pretty sweet and healthy relationship. He was understanding, respectful, trustworthy, reliable and would communicate about everything. He was an honest guy and I loved that. I am demisexual and he respected that. Also, not to mention that he was attractive. Honestly that helped it a lot. We were too honest I guess to the point that we would go through each other’s messages. We would answer for each other’s calls and our families knew about our relationship and was okay with it. I know that seems wrong to many, but I never feel its bad. I mean I have nothing to hide. Also, he never mentioned being uncomfortable with that. We also had our ritual of gifting each other chocolates on 15th February.

After 4 years of our relationship I found out something. He went on a trip then and had clicked some photos. I was looking through them. In the meanwhile, he went to make breakfast. I stumbled a very inappropriate photo of mine that I sent him when we were early in the relationship. I asked him to delete it and I thought he did. But lo and behold, there it was. Then I dug in his phone a little more and found inappropriate pictures of men and women and a lot of messages in his phone. At that point I realized that I was just a therapist for him nothing more. He said to his friends that we never had any real ‘fun’ and hence he would screw around with people whenever he would go on trips. I was cheated on… not once or twice but multiple times. he never had the decency to break up with me before screwing other men and women. Thank god it was his turn to make breakfast and he takes a lot of time to do it. I would complain about that before but now I am thankful for that. I could dig a lot more than meets the eye. So, I confronted him, and he confessed. He said he loved me and proposed me. How could I say no? so the next day like on 15th February, I went to buy chocolates, made special chocolate strawberries, hand fed them to him and waited for the magic to happen. Afterall revenge is sweet. He looks very peaceful when he sleeps, and I wanted that to last forever. But the idea of him leaving me pained me a lot so I took a fruit knife and slit my throat. I saw the blood drip off.; drop by drop.

And then I woke up. I saw myself sleeping on the desk trying to finish a story. Yeah……my love life, that’s a joke like me. Also did I mention that I am a part time writer and was trying to write a story? I felt my story was boring, had a writer’s block and I fell asleep on the desk itself after a long day of college and writing boring writeups. I saw it was 2 in the morning so made some notes of the dream that I saw shut my laptop down and went to sleep on the bed in hopes of having good and romantic dreams wherein I can be actually happy with the boy of my dreams unlike my previous one.

All the characters are not coincidental. If they resemble anyone living or dead, the author will not deem it as coincidental. They are a product of extensive research done by the author for years watching people

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