The 3 sharpest ways of presenting yourself! | Ashwitha

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Getting started to a new job or any new place or any new community of education would definitely forcen you to present yourself especially on the first day of your journey. Presenting yourself doesn't carry a meaning that one must be charming or must be an attractive kidna person. No. Not in any case. The physical appearance of a person if completely affected by his inner appearance. Physical appearance of a person is affected by the state of thier mind. Let's get to know few ways of presenting yourself as one in many with few tips: 1. MAKE YOUR FIRST MOVE: Be that one kind of person who is always ready to face any sort of obligation or any sort of challenge. That damn confidence must be visible in you through your actions or sometimes through your speech. Be the one who is always ready to make first move. And this may workout definitely and make you stand out among all. But make sure that this quality may not cross the level and create a mark upon you as a hyperactive person. Be confident but not overconfident:) 2. MAKE SURE OF YOURSELF: Self pampering doesn't only include taking care of a feminine in you or it is a misconception that self pampering is only limited for female. Brushing up yourself from inside completely actually is known to be self pampering. Pamper yourself form inner you by performing the kind of works which relax you and refresh you. And make sure that you're pampered from your inner side. Having a sip of coffee doesn't waste your time actually:) 3. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONCENTRATION AND PANICKING: Do concentrate but do not panic. Many have a misconception that they are concentrating on few things like thier preperation or thier physical appearance etc. But in that moment one thing which you won't realise is that you're getting panicked in the name of concentration. Try to handle yourself once after preparing completely. Learn to carry anything comfortably when you've already started carrying it. Work upon it with concentration and once after being sure that you're confident about your appearance, then avoid looking back. I hope that these three ways may be shorter but yup!!!they would make you work more better than before ever. This may appear to be the shortest but please do consider that this is my first try of content writing. Your suggestions are always welcomed. Good luck for your inner you:)