Shape of Rage | Harsh Vyas

Instagram: @unknown.wolf_

Humans, my goodness

A baby that thrives upon knowing of every new

“Sit down you little mischievous” – shouts mom

…….. but I want to see it mom

(Why to fight, I’ll check it when she goes)

A desire, a lust, an ideal

One logic, and all shattered

By the wings of Lucifer

A guilt -not of unachieved

Of not able to.

Sparkled that immortal flame

Stand there the Rage; not violent

But filled with passion.

A cool breeze, flowing through-

Having a smell of Rose

An opium but still with sobriety

“Stop it”

Undefined destiny that craves for you or you for that

“Have thought for, if the same is deserving ?”

Wait a minute ! I am one of you (society)

But an individual.

Only to care of keeping this rage as unbothering.

Deciding of this ‘deserving’:

Not supposed ‘A’

“I chose to look at, what’s in there”

It’s The life, The passion, The lust, The person…..

Did I ask for That cookie !

And Remember; those unfitting shoes, still wonder me.