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Regrets come with confusion.

Acceptance comes with clarity.

Struggle between the monkey mind and the mindfulness,

Define the journey of insanity towards sanity.

Guilt will take you no where. Apology after acceptance can take you somewhere. Looking at the things, the way they are takes time. But who cares.

Stop digging your past What one has to pay has to pay. Karmic account bears no one, Only grace of divine holds the strength of breaking the illusion of maya and can make you realise the reality of the past, future and today.

Poetry - 2

The so-called butter ball guides our birth,

supports our life, determines the point of our death,

above all it's the sink of our mother's menstrual cycle which became the source of our breath.

Weariness of climbing heaven,

observing the mother earth,

Roving for the different companion,

Seems like a different birth.

Cosmic man and mascot of darkness goes hand in hand.

Experiencing the subtle dimensions of the mystical moon carries the resemblance of a cycle without a bloody stand.

So stir up the feminine,

enjoy the phase,

gross or subtle,

all part of the grace.