My Safe Place | Nandita Saxena

Instagram: @nanditaa_29

An anchor to your worries in the slightest storm,

Hopes rendered lifeless and aimless without dad and mom.

A happy place where your weakness dwell,

Each tile has a count of how many times you fell.

Feet might walk out but hearts forever stay,

Where family is meant to dance, laugh, sing and play.

It's not just a roof beneath which we rest our souls,

It's a feeling each day for a celebration which calls.

A blessing where your birth givers live along,

Underneath which you're safeguarded from all wrong.

Irks a hell lot when you step out to be a 'better you' someday,

It is beyond love, be it made of glass or straw and clay.

House is made of bricks and beams,

While HOME is made of memories and dreams.

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