Letter to my lost best friend | Neha Timande

Instagram : @travelstories_with_neha

To the one who was there with me to play every pranks,

In friendship it was never sorry and no thanks,

Remember the days when we were with each other holding hands no matter what,

We use to solve every problem and sorts,

It was always you and I always knew,

It's was you who just blew,

The interesting fact was that you knew that it's hurting me there,

But you didn't bother to look where,

So I thought to find my new way,

This time I found you saying me 'Hey',

But it was with someone else fingers entangling yours,

Nothing was same neither you nor me and everything was so newer,

Before I could stop you, you was gone,

And so was I torn,

Years later we met again,

This time the bond was feeling again the same , feels like nothing was happened and it never rained,

It was yours eyes which tells me that you realise ' it was always me and you',

Like the land thirst for rain and value the little dew,

You met me in a way of life where I have crossed miles,

Its all change now and it been a long while,

But still the unchanged facts are,

Why to put those words behind the bars,

Say it , say it that "I love you"

Just feel the moment and let the worries blew,

And I am really longing to hear it from you.

- Neha