It goes on and on | Shivani Arya

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The Clock struck twelve

and I know not, how to let these thoughts shelve

how else do I plea

when everything seems to disagree?

eventually attesting the words of my allies, that it's not my cup of tea

But does anybody really know, what to do, where to go?

for nothing here is making sense

and all I see is endless

yet, for once I think, for once I want, for once I wish

being the best of me is not an act too childish

and every desire of mine is a dream come true

with a never ending hope that guides me through and through

Alas! this imagination of mine is put to work

always in the dark

unaware of all the ifs and buts that lurk

waiting to make a sharp remark

so is the culprit really my mind

where all my thoughts are confined?

or is it the fault of me and my present combined

that drags me back, to a world so unkind?

Oh this war of thoughts, struck the peace of silence

and the rebel rises in the form of my poetry

for my pen doesn't know how to stop

It goes on and on!

It goes on and on!