I WILL RISE | Nandita Saxena

Instagram: @nanditaa_29

You may knock me down for my looks and dumb ass smile,

You may be presumptuous about my curls or sneakers,

You may judge me at first on the elevators for a while,

You may not give me a look at which too my mind triggers,

You may not count me in, worth your text or time,

You may find me below average when you walk past me,

You may not hear me speak often or murmur like a chime,

You may call me a rag when you see me in rugged loose tee,

You may shoot me with your taunts and mocking words,

You may cut me with your venomous & envious eyes,

You may spill out evil and dark in corners like nerds,

But still, like Air, despite all the hatefulness, I'll Rise.

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