I-NEVITABLE | Akshita Kothari

Instagram: @livinglifeasakshita

Then, there was no fear of the final destination;

Then, there existed only bragging and boasting about the apparent thrill -

Thrill in the adventurous ways of life and the ‘not afraid to die’ vibe.

Thought of them as tourist spots- the heaven and hell,

But was left stunned, it dawned upon me when…

There was no dread of the doom then

Because I was just ‘I’, alone in my den.

None behind me, none in front,

Mine was a world with no emotions, no connections on the hunt!

Now, entangled in a million ties

Of truth, hope, love and lies,

It is not that the cognizance of death’s inevitability has worn off,

The difference is that now there is a need and a want to be a rebel

But in the reverse intuit.

Now, the ‘one man rule’ has collapsed, because

The world comes with strings attached!

Tables have turned; the ‘flu’ has been caught,

There now subsists a fear of the inevitable and a will to be perennial!

Yet, a few affairs shall remain unclear:

How did we get trapped in the aforesaid intangible asset’s greed?

Why, o why, to these vicious treasures, did we pay heed?

Humans and the web of emotions; the matters of the head and the heart;

From these incessant trysts, only and only death shall do us part!