HEAVEN | Sneha Thomas

instagram : _mighty_loser_

Oh!!! I am not where I used to be. I am not in a dress I used to wear. Something happened

Something in here is special

I woke up in a bed which was not usual I opened the window, surprised.

I am in the top

The whole world is below me Am I in a heaven?

A servant I’ve not seen, offering me a cup of tea not a single face I’ve seen before.

I was happy, really happy. But then I realized

Something is missing in this world

In this new world. My people. My loved ones. I want to go back.

Suddenly I was forced to open my eyes so, was it not real?

It was a dream.

And I was still in that dirty bed where I used to be and my crazy sister besides me snoring

Her dirty legs on mine.

And the force was my mom’s yelling. Yeah, this is my world

Where my life is as fucking as before but here is my loved ones…

And yeah!! This is my heaven.

Sneha Thomas