Goodbye|Payoja mohanty

Instagram : @unpoetic_society

I wonder how to deliver the news of death,

And to not choke between the call and to surpass the pain.

Once,who was there, has left for a journey to far far away,

where nor i ,nor you can reach,

to tell them the last goodbye,to hold them tight,

To sit on the edge of the terrace and cheers to the last drink,

To recollect the memories of the past.

The traces they have left on places, Unerasable and unforgettable.

Have now settled on those spaces,for infinite ages.

Once,my hand held on to those fragile fingers of them,

and now i see fused fingerprints of them in mine.

Sitting on the terrace,i rubbed my fingers with closed eyes,

fabricating drops of memories.

I will cheer the pain, in the name of their existence.

I will cheer the loss, in the name of memories.

I wonder, how to forget a part of my heart. Losing a part,

a part who has always been there since i stepped on the earth.

Its not easy. Its like living in a colourful world,with colourblindness.

Its like eating a bread loaf, with no butter and cheese.

Its like looking up at sky,with no moon and stars.

Its like everything, and nothing. Hence, i mused for a while.

I cannot afford to lose a part. I will not forget the past.

I will not cry for the loss. Instead will hold on to the

broken pieces of my core, link those pieces with the same love and care,

i received once.

Wrap that shrouded body with a smile on my face,

and absorb all the memories till my end.