Finding My Shore and The Unfinished Story| Diksha Mago

Instagram : @the_learning_soul


Enchanted I stood over the bewitching shore,

Finding my way to cross the ocean that lay like a palette of discord,

I wanted to bounce back to my ship and sail through,

Hoping for a journey that heals like the morning sun,

That welcomes with open arms, wishing my growth,

Like the first rain flourishes the growing crop.

Fascinated by the idea, I sense a deeper happiness,

Filtered through the desire that called for my freedom,

Holding my hand and persuading to run away,

Till I reach another shore, but this time when the ocean is already crossed!


It circles around like a wave,

Crashing through the deepest of wounds,

With cavernous eyes and wrinkled face,

Attempting to reach out to the healing shore!

But no! It was not easy,

It was an unsolved maze of forgiving lies, crooked and distorted stories,

Patches that were left out of place to sew a new truth,

And voices that seemed unfamiliar to the broken soul!

Still walked the altered path, trying to rediscover the new journey,

Building something aesthetic from the shattered pieces of the story!