Dear Chandler Muriel Bing,| Ghananjani Saini

Instagram : @thejournalhouse

From “And I just want a million dollars!” To “Sure, Where?” You have never failed to amuse everyone, I knew from the start that you were gonnabe the “Funny one.” You might not be great at advice and you might make jokes when you are uncomfortable but You are definitely not BLAH, You are a HOOT. Your dysfunctional family and rough childhood made you fear even a slightest hint of commitment, But OH MY GOD! The way you overcame all of that and grew with literally every passing day, That my friend, Is Commendable. The way you planned your whole life with Monica, with four children, a kitty(although you agreed for a dog), and a joey room over the garage (ofc, with a JOEY-ROOM), You can keep hiding yourself mister, that you were hopeless and awkward and desperate for love, but if that’s the road-map for ending up with a beautiful love story, Then I hope to find that road-map too.You rejected women for the silliest thing ever, And you graced the way Monica really was, like come-on, everyone knows she’s high maintenance and you liked maintaining her!! Okay, I am not the one with AWW, But this was really an “AWW POINT.” Not to forget The one where you convinced Erica for adoption because you knew Monica was already a mother, Oh well, I knew then and there that were already a father too and that you didn’t have to learn to become one, Because Come-On, Everyone knows you treated Joey as your child. You were a lot of things, Ms. Chanandler Bong, with you being a transponster and A pink bunny who deliberately lost an arm wrestle for a friend, a cute santa claus, a bracelet buddy, the one who shared the cheesecake, not minding being a pathetic loser for your friend or having an unfortunate hairstyle and the list can keep going on, And you? You my friend were loved for all those things, Could you want it to be more evident?And yes, You are the funniest person on this planet, I can assure you even though I haven’t met the guy from Monica’s work. In the world full of weird people, you were there with Rachel for stealing cheesecakes, you were there with phoebe during her journey of having triplets, you were there with Ross during all his hard and fun times, youwere there for joey even when he made you his bracelet-buddy and above all, you were there with Monica, being the best husband one could ever ask for.I might not have enough words for you, But to sum up everything that I ever mean to say, I just want totell you that I Love You and you are the best. Thankyou for existing and making F.R.I.E.N.D.S.better.

Love, A fellow being, hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.P.S. : Can you please email your views on this at www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com!