Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank| Preeti Chaudhary

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When the Germans invaded a part of Netherland in 1940, a letter was received by the Frank family which was a call-up notice for Mr. Frank sent by the special police force of the Nazi Party. Thereby, the Frank family went into hiding so as to protect themselves from the barbaric treatment by the Nazis. The Frank family with one other family – the Van Daans moved into the ‘Secret Annex’ which was a place hidden inside the Otto Frank’s office building and where they had stocked various food supplies and other necessities. Later, Mr. Dussel also joins them and with whom Anne shares her bedroom.

In the first phase, Anne wrote about her conflicting attitude which she achieved after the indifferent remarks (like about her wrong upbringing) made by Mrs. Van Daan. It was only after her remark that she started to receive such remarks from Mr. Van Daan and Mr. Dussel. For most part, she talked about the growing hatred that she was feeling towards her mother who never supported her cause. She thought dearly and affectionately about her father and described her sister as someone smart and pretty yet not friendly enough to confide. Anne also presumed the young Van Daan as unapproachable in the start but as the story went towards the end, she developed a soft corner for him.

Anne through the first phase matures notably, being able to understand every person’s stance and communicating with them as per their proposed liking, in order to maintain peace. She prepares herself to be more human and most importantly, evaluating her own personal nature. She sometimes, would question her very existence and was unable to comprehend the hatred her community was experiencing during the war. She wept for the people with an ill-fate who were living the callous nature under the Nazi rule.

As her diary entry approached the ending; Anne was seen exploring her sexual identity and also found to be confiding a lot in the young Van Daan ‘Peter’. Anne would often write about the sexual inclination she would feel towards Peter and living off some exquisite dreams about him. With every diary entry, a reader came to learn a terrifying account of a young girl exploring the puberty in confinement. On 4th August 1994, the elaborative life of Anne in hiding suddenly came to end and not a single page about how her story ended was read by a reader.

But many credible sources have revealed at a later stage that Otto Frank was the sole survivor and he was the one who got her daughter’s diary entry published into a novel.