An Ode to Stage Fright | Harsh Vyas

Instagram: @unknown.wolf_

I, why alone it feels

No-one to come there !

There are so many ‘they’

To see and listen

But none beside me.

Never a part of those

Rather a different me

Standing aside

A responsibility of only mine

Not to share in common

But for to give uncommon

Is it ‘the’ stage

You are thinking about

Might not be

Uncommon to express or perform

Happens with every ‘us’

Society, parents, beloved, best one of our life

A stage; not always an artificial

But the task -received as unexpected

Though it’s I and you for the same

Still not a company when performed

To be frightened is common,

Here, for every ‘me’

My best for me, stood as uncommon

Not common to accept

What about me !

Scared of unknown audience

And faithful of known ones

Just as my love and parents

Vowed never to leave me

The results to be turned

Uncommon: now for me as performer

Believed to be the best

Received from real ones despair

Believed to be difficult

Received from strangers -strangeness

Never known did not see

And lied freezing, stillness around

Ever known couldn’t see

And lied freezing, motionless frowned

How would they react ?

The thought for those : A stage

Will they support ?

The thought for mine : A stand

The circle never stopped

For an oath to sledge -plight

And here, I tell everyone on path

An Ode to Stage Fright.